State of Video 2024 Report

State of Video 2024 Report

What’s working with video marketing strategies? What are the best standards and practices? Where should businesses be posting their videos?

Video marketing platform Wistia teamed up with Hootsuite, HubSpot, and TikTok to gather the most up-to-date insights about video marketing in 2024.

The survey included over 2,000 professionals, 100,000+ businesses using Wistia, and more than 90 million uploaded videos.


  • By far, product and educational videos were the most popular type of video content made by businesses last year.

  • The number one place businesses are posting their content is on their website. Followed by email. Maybe we should start putting some videos in this newsletter. Hmmm.

  • Email capture forms and CTAs within or connected to your videos can open an entirely new channel in your lead generation process.

We covered the report with more of our takes in a recent podcast episode:

We cannot recommend enough that you download the entire Wistia State of Video Report. Check it out here: Full Report